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West Virginia Partnership for Elder Living, Inc.

"Old Couple" by bravenewtraveler"to foster and maximaze opportunities for West Virginians to live, age, and contribute with dignity and vitality"

The West Virginia Partnership for Elder Living, Inc. is committed to fostering West Virginians' ability to age in place with improved economic security and in a setting they choose--whether at home, in a residential care facility, or elsewhere.

West Virginia has one of the oldest populations in the U.S., and its size is growing. Our state also has the nation's highest disability rate. And, with less access to residential long-term care than most other states, many West Virginians will elect to remain at home as they age.

Public and private professionals from many disciplines across West Virginia are working hard to improve the experience of getting older. The Partnership seeks to bring together these varied efforts to create an integrated network of thought and action. By emphasizing collaboration and communication, we will propel statewide progress to support West Virginians in a more successful and financially secure aging experience.

What is The Partnership for Elder Living, Inc.?

The system of services and care for seniors (we prefer the term “elders”) is being taxed by a huge population explosion caused by the “Baby Boom” generation and increasing longevity of life. Government, non-profit, and for-profit entities address a myriad of issues that relate to the need that our society has to make our senior citizens as comfortable as possible. continued

Senior Living Communities Initiative: Communities Meeting

First of SLC Community Meetings Held in Hinton

The WV Partnership for Elder Living in collaboration with Community Works in WV is continuing its work on creating three senior living communities in West Virginia.  This work is being funded by the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation.  The original steering committee who worked to develop a process for choosing the communities ultimately chose Elkins, Buckhannon and Hinton.  Each community has established a steering committee made up of movers and shakers of the communities to make decisions.  Surveys have been initiated in each community to better determine what residents would like to see made available as seniors age. 
Our first community meetings took place on March 20th in Hinton. One was held at 1 PM and another at 5:30 PM so that residents with different schedules were able to participate.  During this meeting we shared information on the Hinton community surveys, the work that has been done and began the process of getting more input. Our process includes looking at senior housing trends nationally, and making these communities more liveable for all people. We plan to not only consider housing but also the provision of services and the development of new businesses that will help the communities become more vibrant and welcoming for seniors.

For additional information, contact Project Director Nancy Tyler. (click to email) To read a more in-depth description of this initiative, please click HERE.

What's Happening at The West Virginia Partnership for Elder Living?

The WVPEL Retreat and Board meeting will be held on March 30th from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM Four Points by Sheraton in Charleston, WV. The meeting will open with a working lunch and a Strategic Planning session with Becky King of Becky King Consulting. This will be followed by a brief Board meeting. A Resource Development training session tentatively schedule for that day, to be provided by Alice Ruhnke of The Grant Advantage, will be rescheduled in the near future.

Because this event is a Board retreat and not a regular Board meeting, we ask that any member who may wish to attend the meeting part of the day please contact us in advance. (

Seating is limited. If you would like to attend this meeting, please contact to reserve your seat.

Remember! WVPEL is always accepting membership applications. To find out more, visit our Membership Information page.

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Thanks to the WVPEL's Sponsors and Supporters

WVPEL would like to thank our sponsors and exhibitors who helped make the 2015 Partner Summit a success. Please click HERE for a look at the organizations that are helping to create a new vision for successful aging. If your organization would like to assist WVPEL in the continuation of our efforts, please contact us about becoming an annual sponsor.

If you need additional information, contact Phil Schenk at or Lisa Scarberry at

WVPEL is on the Road to Talk With Civic/Community Clubs and Organizations

The West Virginia Partnership for Elder Living is available to bring your club or organization an important presentation about the state of aging in West Virginia. It is a presentation that is important to all because the rapid aging of our population affects everyone – old and not so old alike. With dwindling resources and rapidly growing population who need assistance, it is important for your members to know the situation.

We are also offering a presentation on Senior Oral Health. Thanks to funding from the WV Oral Health Coalition, WVPEL can now present to your group or organization on the impact oral health can have in the senior population and provide information on resources available to elders in West Virginia.

Click HERE, or visit the WVPEL News and Events page, to find out more.

WVPEL Partners with AARP WV and Dozens of Aging Leaders to Address the Future of Aging Services with FACT

In 2014, the West Virginia Partnership for Elder Living (WVPEL) and AARP West Virginia formed a coalition to begin an important and ambitious project. We have convened a group of some of the most knowledgeable and best thinking people in the state in the fields related to aging and disability. This diverse group met monthly from May 2014 through June 2015 to examine the entire system of services and care for seniors and other adults who utilize those programs and services. The group's goal is to acknowledge the imminent changes we must face, acknowledge what is working and what is not, and co-create an ideal system for West Virginians who need care. This group is called WVFACT - The West Virginia Future of Aging and Caregiving Taskforce. To summarize the current situation with the senior service system, a white paper was developed, "The Senior Boom: The Future of West Virginia's Senior Citizens" that documents the current snapshot of what "is" and states that challenges to the system. To view or download a copy of this important paper and to read more about WVFACT, please click HERE.

WVFACT PHASE ONE Report is now available. Click HERE to read this report.

WVFACT FINAL Report is now available. Click HERE to read this report.

WVPEL Survey Gauges Interest of WV's Elders in the "Village" Concept

300 Elder West Virginian's Provide Feedback

In November of 2014, the WV Partnership for Elder Living contracted with a highly respected market research firm, Mark Blankenship Enterprises, to conduct a survey of elders across West Virginia to gather information on how the "village concept" was viewed in this state. Three hundred of our state’s elders – 60 years of age and older – responded to questions developed by WVPEL and our two “Village” groups - the Kanawha Valley Village People, Inc. and SAIL of the Eastern Panhandle (Shepherdstown Area Independent Living)

“The results of the survey are promising for the development of more Village groups in West Virginia,” said WVPEL Director Phil Schenk. “We hope to use this data to generate interest in doing that.”

A report on the results of the survey was written by Blankenship and is available for review. It shows the degree of interest, by sub-categories, of WV elders' interest in things such as joining a "village" organization, sharing services, and whether or not they felt services in their particular area could be considered "adequate." It finds, for example, that 71% of those polled support the Village concept. That percentage increases in the Northern Panhandle, Eastern Panhandle and Parkersburg.

The survey is part of a grant project funded by the Retirement Research Foundation of Illinois with additional support from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation of Pittsburgh. To review the results of the survey, please click HERE.

Major Study of WV Elder Economic Condition Released by WVPEL

WVPEL in cooperation with the WV Center on Policy and Budget has released a major study of the economic condition of elder West Virginians. The study, titled The State of Older Adults in West Virginia: Economic Security and the Over 65 Population, is a follow-up to the Economic Security Standard Index for West Virginia published in 2010. The Index showed what it really costs West Virginia elders to live. The new study shows how much they have to live on. This is an important and very interesting study. Read More Here

Make a Plan for Alzheimer's: Final Report

Look in our online "Library" to view the final report with recommendations of the Make A Plan (MAP) planning project for Alzheimer's in West Virginia. The planning involved input from more than 50 participants from all over the state and from many professions and interest groups. This report was presented to the West Virginia Legislature's Joint Interim Committee on PEIA, Seniors, and Long Term Care on December 2011 and received very positive response from the lawmakers. The project's director, Jane Marks, our new Board Chair, then CEO of the Alzheimer's Association West Virginia Chapter, gave praise to all who participated. Her leadership was inspirational and resulted in a very impressive report.

WVPEL acted in a facilitation role for the project and is proud to post this report as an example of the kind of work that can be done through our coalition-building model. Don't forget that we are starting new work groups to look at

Contact Phil Schenk at for details.

West Virginia Ranks 49th Among States in the First Ever Long Term Scorecard

Certain states significantly outperform others in the delivery of long-term services and supports (LTSS) to older adults and people with disabilities, according to a new report released jointly today by AARP's Public Policy Institute, The Commonwealth Fund, and The SCAN Foundation. See the state-by-state results and read the report on the Mountain State at

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