Formerly the WVLTCP, we are now WVPEL, Inc.
Funded by the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation

What is The Partnership for Elder Living, Inc.?

The system of services and care for seniors (we prefer the term “elders”) is being taxed by a huge population explosion caused by the “Baby Boom” generation and increasing longevity of life. Government, non-profit, and for-profit entities address a myriad of issues that relate to the need that our society has to make our senior citizens as comfortable as possible.

There is not a reduction in the quality of the services, just a lack of capacity to meet the growth. The professionals in this field are intelligent, creative, dedicated, experienced, and overwhelmed. There is a need for more collaboration among them to find ways to maximize efficiencies and create alternatives to traditional ways of providing services. The professionals and the agencies they represent have the knowledge to find solutions, but they don't have the time or the resources to bring the other parts of the community together to work on those solutions.

In 2009 the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation joined with West Virginia Community Voices, Inc. to address this problem. Using a model developed by Community Voices and funded by Benedum that relates to issues around perinatal care services, they established the West Virginia Long Term Care Partnership (WVLTCP).

In its first year, WVLTCP awarded a number of mini-grants resulting in studies and reports on some of these issues by work groups made up of coalitions of professionals. A one-day conference, called the Partner Summit, was held to bring the community of elder service professionals together to hear about those projects and from national speakers. By the end of the first year, the project had buy-in from over 500 individuals in the state, interested in the work of the partnership.

In the ensuing years, the partnership has refined its model of operation to convening and then facilitating work groups around issues of interest, providing funding to larger projects, and continuing its growth as a leader in elder policy development in West Virginia. To clarify the scope of its work, the project's name was changed to the WV Partnership for Elder Living (WVPEL) because too many people related “long term care” to specific kinds of institutional services. The mission is now “to foster opportunities for West Virginians to live and age with dignity and purpose.” In 2015, the West Virginia Partnership for Elder Living incorporated to become an independent non-profit membership organization, transitioning to the West Virginia Partnership for Elder Living, Inc. Read more about our incorporation HERE.

WVPEL works to meet its mission in two ways. Primarily, WVPEL convenes work groups of professionals in the fields of aging services to assess and analyze the issue and its impact on elder living in the state, then creating strategies for improving the situation. WVPEL also conducts projects which study various aspects of these issues. The projects are mostly collaborations with partner organizations and agencies.

There are also special projects such as a partnership with AARP of West Virginia to convene a top-level taskforce of leaders in the fields of aging services to study possible ways to change the system to meet the population challenges of the future. This group is called the West Virginia Future of Aging and Caregiving Taskforce (WVFACT) and its work is ongoing. We have partnered with a number of housing entities in the state to provide an elder housing track for a comprehensive state housing conference for two years. WVPEL also holds an annual Partner Summit to feature national-level speakers on topics of interest as well as presentations on projects being done in different parts of West Virginia.

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Projects of the West Virginia Partnership for Elder Living, Inc. and
West Virginia Long Term Care Partnership 2010 – 2015